Send Money to Nigeria Fast

Send money to your loved ones back in Nigeria hassle-free.
You should be able send money whenever you want without having to take a trip to the store and worst of all, stand in queue to be serviced. You should be able to send the money from the comfort of your home and at anytime that you so desire. You can save yourself the time, effort, high fees and frustrations associated with using traditional money transfer companies. Worldremit has simplified money transfer.

Benefits of the Service

Money transfer to Nigeria has never been easier.  
Guaranteed exchange rates & low fees.  
Pay for transactions with bank transfer, credit or debit cards
The rates for sending money to Nigeria are very affordable.  
24/7 online access to the platform. Safe & Secure transactions.  
Money can be received instantly in Nigeria.  
Transfer money instantly to all major banks in Nigeria.
Cash paid directly into the recipient's bank account in Nigeria.  
Your loved ones will get the money without any hassle.  
The recipient can use their ATM card to withdraw the money instantly.  
You and the recipient will get SMS and email notification immediately after completion of transaction.

Send Money Online to Your Friends & Family in Nigeria with WorldRemit.

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